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10 Gigibit Ethernet Controller card



10 Gigibit Ethernet Controller card

Our Price: $1,029.25

Product Code: FGR-0022-950A

PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet Card. Replacement controller for the Expansion Box/4000PRO/WipePRO/Forensic Uploader X2 native PCIe Port/RI native PCIe PortFor use with Express memory cards (not USB based).
By incorporating multiple PCIe lanes, these new units duplicate data up to four times faster than other products available on the market. While other duplicators top out at 20 to 30 GB/min, the MM NVMe M.2 utilizes a unique, internal 4-lane PCIe bus and native M.2 module ports to allow for data acquisition from one NVMe M.2 storage device to another NVMe M.2 device at speeds exceeding 94.5 GB/min. Cloning to three drives simultaneously are done at speeds of over 61 GB/min.

With native support for up to four (4) PCIe-based NVMe M.2 SSD Modulesregardless of the drive size, capacity or formatthese additions to the Media MASSter line do not require cables, but handle the latest in disk drive technology with ease. They also offer four (4) native USB 2.0/3.0 SSD support that may also be used for optional SATA drive adapters or other USB peripherals

The use of JMR/ICS patented hardware and software during the duplication process ensure that data from the source drive stays intact and unchanged, guaranteed. Built-in hard drive encryption technology gives users the option to protect the data on the Source drive, ensuring that data is secured utilizing the NIST-approved AES-256 Encryption standard.

The MM NVMe M.2 uses the latest generation, Intel multicore processors and advanced high-speed drive controller technology, providing exceptional performance for high volume IT duplication/cloning applications.

The Media MASSter NVMe M.2 is designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. The user-friendly, slide-out drive trays make for simple drive insertion or removal and the units are configured with native GbE ports for network connectivity to upload or download drive images to a network-based server. The networking ports also provide the ability to download JMR/ICS software or Microsoft Windows 10 Pro updates if and when desired.

With space-saving simplicity, both compact duplicators offer the full features of a powerful PC running non-proprietary operating system software, with an integrated, menu-driven 7" color touch screen that enables full user control without the need for peripherals. A keyboard, mouse and monitor can be connected, as needed, using the available ports.

For users with occasional SATA duplication requirements, the MM NVMe M.2 offers an optional USB to SATA connector adapter.

In addition to full disk cloning, the new Media MASSter NVMe M.2 features partial duplication capabilities as well as drive sanitization, per DoD standards and user-defined erase/wipe algorithms, to meet your data needs with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Intelligent "IQ Copy" copies only allocated files, greatly reducing copy time and automatically scales and formats partitions, while Percent of Copy copies a Source drive's allocated data and unallocated data, creating a "mirror" image of the Source drive.
MultiMASSter mode supports storing one or multiple Source drive images on a single Target drive using the segmented file format.
VHD Capture stores one or multiple Source drive images on a single Target drive using the VHD file format; this format copies only allocated data.
Wipe-out will sanitize drives utilizing the DoD Standard as well as secure erase or user-defined methods. In addition, for added data security, no cloned data is stored or contained within the unit when powered off. A complete Statement of Volatility is available upon request.
At JMR/ICS, we focus on the quality of not only our products, but our service to you, as well. Our new Media MASSter units are proudly made in the USA, and users can upgrade their systems in situ and free of charge during the first year under warranty, most times without even needing to return the unit to the factory. We offer free technical support during that first year of ownership, with extended warranties available for purchase during the initial warranty period, also without the need for equipment return or factory inspection.

Download the NVMe M.2 datasheet