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CD Solutions is a full-service CD, DVD, USB, and SD Card company specializing in duplication and printing hardware as well as affordable, custom duplication and replication services. We are a real company with a real office and warehouse staffed by duplication professionals -- not just a website from someone's living room. CD Solutions brings you all of our expertise with CD, DVD and Blu-Ray printers, publishers and duplication equipment as well as duplication and replication services in a convenient online store. Our 25-plus years of service shows our commitment to this business. We don't just get you the right CD/DVD/Blu-Ray printers and duplication equipment; we make sure that your duplication experience is enjoyable and productive.

Verbatim 8X DVD+R DL Dual Layer Recordable Media Verbatim 8X DVD+R DL, Dual Layer, 20-Disc Spindles, 120 per Box

95310  Providing double the storage capacity of a standard DVD-Recordable disc, DVD+R Double Layer discs can hold up to 8.5GB or approximately 4 hours of DVD-quality video on a single disc. Compatible with double-layer writers from leading manufacturers, these discs are ideal for archiving home movies.

List Price: $278.00
Our Price: $199.00
You save $79.00!
U-Reach SD Flash Memory Duplicator U-Reach 23-Target SD Flash Memory Duplicator

SD924S  Apart from inheriting the high-speed performance and well-recognized compatibility with diversified media, the Intelligent 9 duplicators not only support duplication of large target count and capacity to meet high-volume demands, they also help users examine flash cards by providing the most accurate testing results known today. Compatible with most SD and microSD media.

List Price: $2,400.00
Our Price: $2,350.00
You save $50.00!
U-Reach 39-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator U-Reach 39-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator

UB940H U-Reach 39-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator

List Price: $4,800.00
Our Price: $4,730.00
You save $70.00!
TEAC DiscSprinter Publishing System TEAC DiscSprinter DVD Publishing System

DiscSprinter    TEAC's new DiscSprinter Disc Publishing System offers an unmatched client server experience through feature-rich software, powerful embedded computers and integrated dye-sublimation printing. You need not look any further than the DiscSprinter for your organization's disc publishing needs.

Our Price: $14,995.00 CALL for our lowest price!
HDDMINI 2-Target Hard Drive Duplicator HDDMINI 2-Target Hard Drive Duplicator

HDDMINIDUP-2 The Vinpower Digital standalone HDDMINI 2-target hard drive duplicator is the perfect solution for those that need to make back-up or residual clones of their master hard drive (HDD) content. The sleek compact light portable construction of the HDDMINI allows the user to take it anywhere and make quick and reliable clones of nearly any HDD using virtually any OS platforms, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, or Macintosh.

Our Price: $356.00
Flex Pro Portable 23-Target SD Duplicator Flex Pro Portable 23-Target SD Duplicator

DM-FD0-24SD23B Flex Pro 23-target SD duplicator features 1/10 of regular SD duplicator size and extremely compact design. User friendly 4-key control panel with LCD, high speed duplication and bit-by-bit Compare function to confirm successful copies. Only carefully selected and tested materials are employed in Flex Pro Series duplication systems.

List Price: $1,999.00
Our Price: $1,699.00
You save $300.00!
FlashPad USB Flash Drive Packaging FlashPad USB Flash Drive Packaging

FlashPad Our most popular custom packaging is our refined FlashPad. It is an upscale custom USB package intended for companies looking to outsmart rather than outspend their competition. The FlashPad can be customized to hold USB drives of different shapes and sizes. It can also be customized to hold multiple drives and literature. Additional tooling fees may apply.

Our Price: $8.25
Setup Cost: $150.00
Image MASSTER WipePRO IT Hard Drive Sanitization Unit, 2.5-Inch Host Image MASSTER WipePRO IT Hard Drive Sanitization Unit, 2.5-Inch Host

FGR-4205-000C  The Image MASSter WipePRO is the next generation, fast and reliable, IT Sanitization Unit based on the time proven Image MASSter WipeMASSter product line.

Our Price: $3,900.00 CALL for our LOWEST price!
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