Booklet Specifications for Jewel cases

Compact Disc Packaging Specifications

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The booklet is the item that goes in the front of the jewel case. It can be a single piece of paper printed on two sides, or several panels together to form a small book.

The total thickness of the booklet may not be greater than .06" (1.5mm) or it will not fit. We suggest a 100# paper, coated two sides for up to four pages. For up to 25 pages we suggest 100# stock for the cover with 70# stock inside. For up to 36 pages we suggest 100# stock for the cover and 40# stock for the inside. The booklet must be pre-folded and stapled with a non-corrosive staple and open to the left.

Try to use opaque paper to avoid bleed-through. We also suggest sending an overage of 10% to make sure there are enough to set the automated insertion equipment.