Custom Digital Printing Templates for CD-R and DVD Discs

These templates are for you to download and create your own CD and DVD Label images for Digital Printing of different discs in a variety of graphics programs. You can click on the images on the left to get a general idea of what the templates will look like, but click the link of the template format you want on the right to download a zipped file of your template.

To download the template you will need to right-click the template and select Save Link As or something similar depending on your browser then select the location where you'd like to save the file.

CD-R Templates
CDRtemp0.jpg (26084 bytes)
Illustrator template 28.57KB
Photoshop template 276.94KB
Quark template 9.96KB
Mass Replicated CD Templates
CDtemp0.jpg (25054 bytes)
Illustrator template 28.61KB
Photoshop template 269.92KB
Quark template 10.02KB

80mm Mini CD-R Templates
CDR80mm.jpg (75625 bytes)
Photoshop Template 223.34KB
Illustrator EPS Template 27.28KB