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CD & DVD Duplication Services
We're a full service company. We offer replication, duplication, hardware, media, and ink. One of the reasons we know the equipment we sell so well is because we've used much of it in our in-house facility.

Let us make your discs for you and experience the same high level quality of service you've come to expect from us on our other business offerings. Our company was started based on offering duplication services to our customers over 20 years ago. It's the foundation of our company and a very active part of what we do for our customers.

Let us make your CDs, DVDs, and USB's for you. It's what we do. It frees you up so you can do the things that make your company special. Let us handle the backroom part of your disc business.

In our business "Replication" usually refers to a plastic injection process as shown in "How is a CD Made?" .
These discs are what you usually find in the store for larger releases. The process is pretty much the same for DVDs as CDs but the data is more concentrated on the disc. DVDs can also have multiple layers as well as multiple sides which gives you a lot higher data capacity.
"Duplication" is where we start with a blank recordable disc and use recorders with a laser to etch your data onto the disc. We use high quality media because we feel the few pennies you save with generic or low-end media just doesn't make sense. You want a disc that works.
Duplication usually has faster turnaround times than replication so it's used when you're in a rush. Most of our duplication ships out the same day we get your materials but of course that depends on several factors.
Duplication is also cheaper for small orders which just adds to it's popularity.
We typically use inkjet printers to put full color printing directly on the disc. This is our standard print. For an additional fee you can get a premium print which is waterproof and has a high gloss finish.
Here at CD Solutions we don't just sell hardware. We also do the duplication or replication for you! We have access to a 20 million disc per month replication facility to handle even your largest replication jobs.
We also have several large robotic systems for in-house duplication and printing on your disc for those smaller or faster turn around jobs.
Call our sales representative at 800-860-2376 and we'll get you pricing for your job. Because there are so many packaging options and turnaround times it's best to talk with a sales representative who won't just take your order. They'll help you decide what's the best choice for your situation.