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Primera Tutorials and Training Videos

PTPublisher Tutorials
PTPublisher: An Overview Updated 8-21-2006 4.18 MB
PTPublisher: Copy a CD or DVD Updated 8-21-2006 6.38 MB
PTPublisher: Setting up a Data Project Updated 8-21-2006 4.59 MB
PTPublisher: DVD Duplication Updated 9-14-2006 11.29 MB
PrimoDVD Tutorials
PrimoDVD: An Overview Updated 9-13-2005 4.83 MB
PrimoDVD: Disc to Disc Copy Updated 9-13-2005 5.32 MB
PrimoDVD: Data Job Updated 9-13-2005 5.40 MB
PrimoDVD: Global Image Job Updated 9-13-2005 2.55 MB
Bravo Macintosh Tutorials
Discribe: Data Job Updated 10-26-2005 3.96 MB
Discribe: CD/DVD Copy Job Updated 03-02-2006 3.54 MB
Using Templates with Photoshop Updated 02-07-2006 10.6 MB
How to Print Only Updated 08-21-2006 4.63 MB
LX800/810 Tutorials
Using NiceLabel Updated 11-14-2005 4.40 MB
Printing from Adobe Illustrator Updated 11-15-2005 1.46 MB
Retrospect Tutorials
Retrospect: Overview Updated 11-02-2005 2.60 MB
Retrospect: Performing a Backup Updated 11-02-2005 3.76 MB
Retrospect: Restoring a Backup Updated 11-02-2005 2.79 MB
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