Inkjet Printing has greatly improved


When sending your artwork to us for INKJET printable jobs, the art can be created in any program you wish, but the final file transferred to us MUST BE a 600 dpi TIF file.

When creating the artwork for Inkjet jobs please allow about 1/8th inch of bleed on the outer edge of the disc, and let your artwork run all the way through the center. The software we use to print your art will crop the image to the correct size. This will ensure the best possible coverage of the disc face. We also have print-to-center discs so you get more art coverage on the label. By allowing the art to bleed all the way to the center we can use these discs if you wish and take advantage of the larger print area. You can use the following templates to create your art, but remember to save the art as a TIF file. For the very best looking print possible ask your sales representative about having us use Water Shield media on your job. It gives your art a high gloss finish that's nearly 100% waterproof, plus the print resolution is higher than with standard inkjet printable media.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is done on small to moderate quantities of duplicated discs or where a fast turnaround is needed. It's for use on CD-R and DVD-R media. There are no films output, but the art must be saved as a 600dpi TIF file. These TIF files are used to print directly to the discs with an inkjet printer. Inkjet printable discs are used in this process. Modern processes make the print quality on these discs higher than standard silk screen printing. We also offer a highly water resistant print for CDs and DVDs.

Illustrator CD and DVD template (can be opened in Photoshop too)