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USB, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and USB Duplication Specialists

We don't just sell hardware.  Let us handle your duplication needs.

CD Solutions is a full-service CD, DVD and Blu-Ray company specializing in duplication and printing hardware as well as affordable, custom duplication and replication services. We are a real company with a real office and warehouse staffed by duplication professionals -- not just a website from someone's living room. CD Solutions brings you all of our expertise with CD, DVD and Blu-Ray printers, publishers and duplication equipment as well as duplication and replication services in a convenient online store. Our 20-plus years of service shows our commitment to this business. We don't just get you the right CD/DVD/Blu-Ray printers and duplication equipment; we make sure that your duplication experience is enjoyable and productive.

U-Reach 59-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator Legend 600 Hard Drive Duplicator
Our Price: $6,600.00
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $759.00
You save $40.00!
U-Reach 59-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator Legend 600 Hard Drive Duplicator
UB960H U-Reach 59-Target USB 3.0 Pro Flash Drive Duplicator
Legend-600  Legend series is the first SSD/HDD duplicator that supports flexible target expansion and multiple interfaces devices. With advanced Free-Chain technology, Legend series can be not only a 3-target duplicator, but a 119-target duplicator by hooking 30 duplicator systems up.
TEAC ISO Error Checking Drive for Use with JVC Archival DVDR Media Nexcopy 16-Target PRO USB 3.0 Duplicator
Our Price: $3,953.00
Our Price: $2,999.00
TEAC DK-5000S CD/DVD Disc Checker Nexcopy 16-Target PRO USB 3.0 Duplicator

The only Industrial-Grade Disc Checker Available!

  • Automatically checks CD/DVD media for damage.
  • Indicates PASS / FAIL with Green/Red LED
  • Quick-mode takes only 1.5 minutes to finish a DVD disc
  • Standard mode thoroughly checks the disc surface in detail
  • Hi / Low dual speed scan assures the detection of the scratched media
  • Works as an external USB DVD burner when connected to PC

How can DVD-R data survive long-term? JVC's ISO solution combines three products. First, an optical disc optimized for optimum long-term storage made in Japan. Second, a recorder that maintains an extremely low error rate of recording signal default characteristics. Lastly, an inspection device that precisely measures error rates. Combined, users can be absolutley assured of long-term data storage and retrieval by means of optical disc technology.

Long-term data storage will be realized by current industry users. Public documents and archived data from libraries as well as medical and pharmaceutical companies are just a few of the industries that stand to benefit from JVC's ISO solution.

If you find yourself asking "What is ISO?" ISO 10995 is the international standard currently set to test DVD+/-R/RW/RAM discs, which was established in April 2008 in Japan as the specified test method for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media. It specifies an accelerated aging test method for estimating the life expectancy for the retrievability of information stored on recordable or rewritable optical discs. In short, JVC's specialized optical disc created for long-term storage is the best there is on the market. Each disc is carefully constructed with a super silver alloy reflector, further enhancing its long-term storage capability.

USB160PRO  Nexcopy introduces the Professional Series USB Duplicator with CD-ROM, Read Only and Partition features for advanced USB data loading requirements: the USB160PRO. With advanced copy features, small foot print and simple operation, the USB160PRO is an economical solution for creating CD-ROM and Read Only USB flash drives.
SmartDisc White Thermal Hub Printable 16X DVD-R, 400 per Box Spartan 2-Target Portable USB Duplicator
Our Price: $123.00
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $99.99
You save $50.00!
SmartDisc White Thermal Hub Printable 16X DVD-R, 400 per Box Spartan 2-Target Portable USB Duplicator
SDVDVD-RWTH100CB SmartDisc White Thermal Hub Printable 16X DVD-R, 400 per Box
DM-ILY-USB03  Introducing Mini USB, an affordable, compact duplicator designed to easily create multiple copies of your USB flash drives without a computer or software. Each USB port functions independently and copies directly from built-in memory. Source Analysis feature identifies the content on the master and intelligently copies only the data to speed up the copy cycle. Mini USB can also quickly check your USB device capacity and speed in seconds. With copy speed up to 2GB/min, Mini USB is the fastest and most compact standalone USB duplicator on the market today.
We are proud to offer one of the industry's largest inventories of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray printers and duplication technologies, including new Blu-Ray burner systems, cases and accessories. We encourage you to browse our selection, and feel free to ask us any questions about our merchandise, or CD, DVD and Blu-Ray duplication in general. Whether your question is about CD, DVD or Blu-Ray printers or about the differences between available duplication technologies, we will get you the answers you need. We also keep current with developing technologies like the new Blu-Ray hardware and media.

Our CD, DVD and Blu-Ray duplication merchandise is divided into convenient categories, making it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. If you don't see a particular product, or have questions about the available duplication hardware or printers and services offered, please call us at 800-860-2376 so that we can assist you.

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