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Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 Forensic Ruggedized

Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 Forensic Ruggedized


Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 Forensic Ruggedized

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Product Code: FGR-0062-400A

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Built in a rugged case to work in even the toughest environments the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 G3 RUGGEDIZED is a high speed forensic duplicator that offers investigators the ability to image one "Suspect" to two "Evidence" drives or two separate "Suspect" drives to individual "Evidence" copies simultaneously. The G3 rugged version of the IMSolo-4 G3 units features the same high speed performance, flexible image formats and reliability as the original hand held design. Configured with an i7 Processor and Expansion Ready hardware, the unit offers over 4 times the processing power of the previous generation of the IMSolo-4 Product Line. The unit is built in a shock absorbent case, featuring cable-free, built-in SAS/SATA/USB 3.0 and Firewire ports, and with a "slide-in" hard drive slots for "Suspect" and "Evidence" hard drives. It authenticates the captured images with SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5. It also supports IDE, RAID, e-SATA drives as well as a variety of Micro Media cards. All the "Evidence" captured hard drive images can be saved as 100% copies, Linux DD images or E01 image files. All "Evidence" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition process to protect sensitive data during transportation or storage. The unit also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload forensic captured images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of sharing, processing and archiving. Additionally a user can maximize resources by utilizing the unit platform to perform cell phone acquisition utilizing third party applications such as Paraben's Device Seizure, XRY and more. The unit has an Expansion port and with the use of Expansion BOX optional hardware and other optional controller cards, it can support interfaces such as USB 3.0, 1394A/B, Fast SCSI, Fiber Channel drives and more.

Note: This is a custom built piece of equipment and there are no returns or refunds (other than warranty issues).
  • Extreme Speed Built

  • for Today's and Tomorrow's Hard Drive Technology: Built to work with the fastest hard drives
  • available, the unit capture, authenticates and sanitizes at SATA-3 speed (32
  • GB/min top capability). This technology not only allows the unit to take
  • advantage of today's fastest hard drive speeds but also allows the user to be
  • prepared for tomorrow's future hard drive speed improvements.
  • Rugged Design: The Rugged unit comes built in a shock absorbent case
  • that allows investigators to easily carry, store and utilize the unit in even
  • the toughest environments. The unit is simple to transport, set-up and store
  • and easily fits under a standard airplane seat.
  • Cable-less Hard Drive Slots: Unit features two slide-in cable-less
  • hard drive slots for the "Suspect" hard drives as well as two
  • slide-in cable-less hard drive slots for the "Evidence" hard
  • drives. One side Protected "Suspect" Port: For the protection
  • of the user's original images, the unit provides one standard write protected
  • native SATA/SAS "Suspect" port and one standard write protected
  • native USB 2.0 "Suspect" port for the duplication of up to three
  • "Evidence" drives. Multiple "Evidence" Ports: The
  • unit provides three native SATA/SAS "Evidence" ports and three USB
  • 2.0 "Evidence" ports to allow the user to to capture images from a
  • single hard drive into three hard drives. In addition one of the
  • "Evidence" ports can be re-configured by the user to be a write
  • protected port and act as "Suspect" port. This allows the user to
  • capture from two different "Suspect" drives into two separate
  • "Evidence" drives simultaneously.
  • Expansion Box: The unit is designed with a built-in support to connect
  • to an optional Expansion Box,
  • and provides the capability to capture data from additional devices which have
  • interfaces not natively available on the unit. The Expansion box is configured
  • with the following hardware:
  • 1) FireWire 1394 PCI-Express card for connecting 1394A(1 Port) or 1394B(2
  • Ports) mass storage devices.
  • 2) SCSI Ultra320 PCI-Express card for connecting SCSI mass storage devices.
  • With the unit user can capture from two SCSI "Suspect" hard drives
  • simultaneously with no speed degradation(*).
  • 3) PCI-Express to ExpressCard 34 Reader for connecting a broad range of Express
  • Card compliant cards, such as Express Card USB 3.0 adapter cards than enable
  • user to connect USB 3.0 mass storage devices(**).
  • (*)External
  • Multi-Output Power Adapter (not supplied) is required to power the
  • second SCSI drive when capturing two SCSI hard drives to two
  • "Evidence" hard drives simultaneously. It is also recommended to use
  • the External Multi-Output Power Adapter to power two or more external drives
  • connected to the Expansion Box.
  • (**)ExpressCards are not supplied with the Expansion Option.
  • Also the Expansion Box can be configured with other controllers to support
  • different interfaces such as the support for Fiber Channel drives.
  • On the fly Drive

  • Image Encryption*: Utilizing the
  • built-in AES256 Encryption Technology the unit encrypts with minimal speed
  • degradation all digital data during the Acquisition Process for the purpose of
  • safe guarding sensitive information. The unit creates a secure key with a
  • user-chosen pass phrase. An AES256 encryption key is then generated by the unit
  • and can be saved to any USB thumb drive. The encrypted drive can be decrypted
  • on the fly utilizing the unit or any regular PC loaded with the ICS free
  • decryption utility and the USB thumb drive containing the saved key. User can
  • then safely image the decrypted data to an additional "Evidence" drive.
  • The unit supports the AES256-bit block cipher Encryption Standard, which has
  • been approved by NIST and chosen in the US as the government standard. The unit
  • AES Encryption Algorithm is hardware based and is embedded and implemented
  • directly through the unit's VIA Nano Processor. VIA Technologies, VIA Nano
  • Processor has been validated as correctly implementing the AES algorithm as
  • indicated in the attached NIST report titled,"The
  • Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation List." See Validation #
  • 1229.
  • * This process is NOT compatible with the DiskCypher product line.
  • Windows 7 Operating

  • System: The unit runs on the
  • highly stable and proven Windows 7 Operating System. Unit can be customized to
  • individual organization needs upon request.
  • Drive Wiping: Supports single pass or full DoD drive

  • "Sanitizing".
  • Multiple Hash Verifications: The unit can authenticate an image using
  • SHA-1, SHA-2, MD-5 of the captured "Suspect" hard drive on the fly.
  • Uploads

  • "Suspect" Images to Network Storage: With the use of the unit, user can upload "Suspect"
  • drive Data Images to Networked Storage Area using 1 Gigabit Ethernet Connection
  • for the purpose of sharing, processing and archiving.
  • Preview Data directly on
  • the Unit:
  • User can preview active files on the "Suspect" hard drive utilizing
  • Windows 7 file viewers.