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CD Solutions is a full-service CD, DVD, USB, and SD Card company specializing in duplication and printing hardware as well as affordable, custom duplication and replication services. We are a real company with a real office and warehouse staffed by duplication professionals -- not just a website from someone's living room. CD Solutions brings you all of our expertise with CD, DVD and Blu-Ray printers, publishers and duplication equipment as well as duplication and replication services in a convenient online store. Our 25-plus years of service shows our commitment to this business. We don't just get you the right CD/DVD/Blu-Ray printers and duplication equipment; we make sure that your duplication experience is enjoyable and productive.

Vinpower Digital Titan Lite 3-Drive Blu-ray Duplicator Vinpower Digital Titan Lite 3-Drive Blu-ray Duplicator, 200-Disc

LITE200-S3T-BD-BK  Whether you duplicate 20 or 30 discs at a time or 100 to 200 a day, the TITAN lite is the most affordable and compact multi-drive autoloader on the market. With 100 disc or 200 disc capacity and 3 recording drives, the TITAN lite II gives you the ability to work on other matters with the confidence that your project will be duplicated quickly and reliably completely unattended.

List Price: $4,815.00
Our Price: $3,850.00
You save $965.00!
Microboards Automated High Volume HCL-8000 Microboards Automated High Volume HCL-8000 with 8 drives

HCL-8000  For unattended disc duplication runs, let the Microboards HCL autoloader handle the work load with its state-of-the-art robotic arm and eight drives.

List Price: $7,120.00
Our Price: $5,695.00 CALL for our LOWEST price!
You save $1,425.00!
Vinpower Digital Econ Series SATA DVD/CD Tower Duplicator, 10-Target Vinpower Digital Econ Series SATA DVD/CD Tower Duplicator, 10-Target

Econ-S10T-DVD-BK Introducing our Econ series of standalone SATA DVD/CD duplicators. The Econ series is not only economical but also offers truly reliable duplication with an easy to use interface. The easy to operate control panel offers many advanced features such as; AutoCopy, Account Management, Auto Counter and much much more. These units are truly strong performing systems at a more affordable price point to meet the users growing demands without exceeding their budget.

List Price: $625.00
Our Price: $499.00
You save $126.00!
Microboards Dual Layer DVD+R Media, 8X, White Inkjet, 300 Count  Box Microboards Dual Layer DVD+R Media, 8X, White Inkjet, 300 Count Box

MEDD-10004  Microboards DVD+R Dual Layer media is the consumers' choice for cost-efficient discs with printable surfaces. Available in sleek silver lacquer, crisp white inkjet, and smooth white Everest, all varieties are hub-printable and come sealed in 50-disc spindles.

List Price: $243.00
Our Price: $191.00
You save $52.00!
FlashPad Wallet USB Flash Drive Packaging FlashPad Wallet USB Flash Drive Packaging

FlashPad-Wallet The FlashPad Wallet is the newest addition to our family of USB packaging. Leaner than the original FlashPad but featuring the same sturdy design, the Wallet retains that booklike feel that our clients love. The FlashPad Wallet can be customized to hold USB drives of different shapes and sizes. It can also be customized to hold multiple drives, literature and other items. Additional tooling fees may apply.

Our Price: $9.05
Setup Cost: $150.00
Rapid Image 7020CS Rapid Image 7020CS with 2 x IDE Drive Caddies

FGR-0018-950H  The Rapid Image family of Duplicators are Complete Solution Stations designed to provide the fastest and latest technology in Hard Drive Duplication with the ultimate User Management Tools.

Our Price: $13,225.00
U-Reach IT-700H High-Speed Hard Drive Duplicator, 7-Targets U-Reach IT-700H High-Speed Hard Drive Duplicator, 7-Targets

IT-700H The IT series professional SATA Hard Disk Drive duplicator is specially designed for high-volume duplication. Adopted with U-Reach's unique multi-tasking technology, the IT series Hard Drive duplicator can simultaneously copy 7 HDD targets and with high transfer speed up to 18GB per minutes based on real test. We guarantee highest productivity without speed degradation even when the number of targets increases.

List Price: $3,350.00
Our Price: $3,260.00
You save $90.00!
Used Sony PVW-2600 BETACAM/SP Player Used Sony PVW-2600 BETACAM/SP Player

PVW-2600    The PVW2600 is a versatile editing player that is easy to integrate with the BVW series of products and peripherals as well as other editing systems. Featuring built-in TBC, built-in TC reader, 24 times picture search, RS-422 remote interface, Y/C output and component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y) outputs, the PVW2600 combines superior picture performance with flexibility and control. In addition, it will playback Betacam or Betacam SP recorded tapes, with playback times over 90 minutes.

Our Price: $699.00 This price is less than 1/2 the normal cost
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