Upload art and data for duplication services
We can accept your art and data via a shared online service such as Dropbox or a shared Google Drive folder. It's best to zip your files before you upload them as that adds a layer of protection to avoid corruption.

Laser printed swivel drive
Our company is well known for its duplication services. We're one of the oldest disc service companies in the United States with roots that date back to the days when a single disc would take the better part of a day to burn. Things are much faster now.

We can help with your entire duplication project including the drive (or disc), printing of both the drive and any needed inserts, packaging, and of course the duplication of the data onto the drive (or disc). That's what we do! We're experts in this area and have more experience than other companies to insure your project gets completed looking great!

You can ship us a physical copy of your disc or data to be placed on your USB, CD, or DVD job or you can upload files to us. When working with a CD or smaller DVD it's best if you upload an ISO file to us. Data for SD cards or USB drives should be organized as you want it on the drive. We suggest zipping the file first as this adds a layer of error correction to assure there is no corruption during transmission of your data. This is the best way for sending ISO files or data files.

While its best to send us a physical disc or drive as a master, you can upload the zipped file or ISO file and transfer it to us over the Internet as well. For very large file sets we encourage you to send us the physical drive but we understand the need for speed sometimes takes priority.

Please be sure to give us enough information to connect your data with your job. We suggest using a job name and placing files for a job in similarly named files. For example if your company name is ABC Company using something like ABC1.ZIP, ABC2.ZIP, etc. to upload your files.

You can use the same order form and anti-piracy form for both disc jobs for USB drive, SD Card, CD, or DVD duplication.

You can share your files with us using any of the common file share programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and many others.