Upload art and data for duplication services
Upload your data here for fast easy duplication services

You can ship us a physical copy of your disc or data to be placed on your USB, CD, or DVD job or you can upload files to us at our FTP site. When working with a CD or smaller DVD it's best if you upload an ISO file to us. We suggest zipping the file first as this adds a layer of error correction to assure there is no corruption during transmission of your data. This is the best way for sending ISO files.

When you have a single file that is more than 2GB in size we recommend sending a physical copy of the CD or DVD instead of uploading files. Contact your sales representative for FTP instructions.

Please be sure to give us enough information to connect your data with your job. We suggest using a job name and placing files for a job in similarly named files. For example if your company name is ABC Company using something like ABC1.ZIP, ABC2.ZIP, etc. to upload your files.

You can use the same order form and anti-piracy form for both disc jobs or USB drive or SD Card duplication.

If you need FTP software we recommend WINSCP, a free Windows FTP client. Important note, the download button on the top of the download page is NOT the program. That's a paid advertisement. Move down to where you see WinSCP (version number) with Installation package. That's the link you want. We do not recommend using your web browser's built in ftp client as those are usually very problematic and will give you an bad FTP experience. FTP is fast and easy when using a good program.