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Model 124A Used Sony PVW-2600 BETACAM/SP Player
Used Sony PVW-2600 BETACAM/SP Player
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124A  The Aphex Model 124A Audio Level Interface is designed to allow use of -10dBV consumer hi-fi equipment with +4 or +8dBm professional / industrial / broadcast audio systems. It provides an extremely clean, reliable two-way buffer so both systems can operate at maximum performance levels, matching impedances and operating levels. PVW-2600    The PVW2600 is a versatile editing player that is easy to integrate with the BVW series of products and peripherals as well as other editing systems. Featuring built-in TBC, built-in TC reader, 24 times picture search, RS-422 remote interface, Y/C output and component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y) outputs, the PVW2600 combines superior picture performance with flexibility and control. In addition, it will playback Betacam or Betacam SP recorded tapes, with playback times over 90 minutes.