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Rectangle USB Webkey with Custom Printing
Rectangle USB Webkey


Rectangle USB Webkey with Custom Printing

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Product Code: ERECTANGLE
Call 800-860-2376 for pricing

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A CD Solutions ebusiness card really separates you from the crowd to help your products get the attention you want them to have. Give these out instead of your business card and you'll have your prospect's attention directed directly to a page on YOUR website. Not just to your site, but to a specific page on your site!

This lets you turn your website into a tool you've never had before when you're handing out your card. And because it's on YOUR website, you can change the content of that page any time so it's always current and always fresh.

With two color printed on one side you get your impression out there more than once. First they see your information printed on the card, then they get your specific web page content when they load it on their computer. And let's face it, if someone hands us a cool card like this we're all going to put it in our computers because we want to see what it does.

The content of the ebusiness card is nothing but a URL so you don't need to worry about your card becoming infected with a virus. It's nothing but text which launches your webpage into the user's default browser on their computer.

We also offer substantial quantity discounts which you can see by clicking just under the "add to cart" button on this page.
Takes you to the URL of your choice, even deep URLs from your website.

Reinforce your brand with custom printing on the card.

You get 100% attention from your prospect when he puts the card into his computer. No other business card gives you that sort of attention from a prospect.

The price includes:
two color printing on one side
URL programming of the card to take prospects to your specific web page.
Bulk packaging

Additional options are available from your sales representative which include:
Individual Poly Bag or Bubble wrap
Individual URL's on each card so every key is unique. (additional fee) This can be great for tracking purposes.