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MF Digital Director 2-Drive CD/DVD Publisher, PicoJet-2, 400-Disc Capacity

MF Digital Director 2-Drive CD/DVD Publisher, PicoJet-2, 400-Disc Capacity


MF Digital Director 2-Drive CD/DVD Publisher, PicoJet-2, 400-Disc Capacity

Our Price: $6,995.00

Product Code: DS4-2602-J

Description Technical Specs Extended Information
The Director 2 and 4 Drive CD/DVD Publishers offer multiple options. Select the model that fits all of your CD/DVD publishing needs.

The Director series is a "KVM" system with a built in PC. Simply add a keyboard, monitor and mouse for full standalone operation.

With Director, user designed CD/DVD published custom discs are a snap. Simply use our text based API.

Director System Key Features:

  • Large 300 Disc Capacity
  • 2 & 4 Drive CD/DVD or Blu-ray recorders
    Allowing Multi-drive simultaneous asynchronous publishing with up to four unique DVD CD publishing jobs
  • Embedded PC Production Server:
    System does not require an external PC for operation - all applications are self-contained utilizing an internal Production Server complete with Windows PRO Operating System
  • Flexible operation options:
    Works as a complete DVD CD publishing system with unique one-off disc creation capability
  • DVD CD Publishing Job Streaming via drop-in request folder
  • A full asynchronous operation DVD CD Publisher for fastest performance possible
DVD CD Publishing Software Features:
  • Simple User Interface
    The unit comes standard with industry acclaimed Director One-Off DVD CD publishing software
  • EasiAPI For creating applications, available on request
    Simple ASCII text files allow you to easily write your own application to act as a "front-end" to fully automate customized content disc creation and job submission
  • Jobs are submitted simply by dropping a .JOB file to a polled folder.
  • No knowledge of disc authoring or disc format structure is needed.
  • Allows the integration of the Director into such applications as check imaging, document imaging, POS kiosks for audio and video, data archiving, billing discs, and call center digital recording systems for DVD CD published discs.
  • Director API includes enterprise wide network licensing.
  • Supports multiple users and user profiles
    Limit who can use the system as well has how many jobs per day, month or quarter as well as discs per job may be submitted by a given user.
  • Job Priority
    The ability to set job priority to determine placement in the queue.
  • Intelligent Spindle select
    Publish CD's and DVD's at the same time and the system will select the media based on the job.
  • Pre-master data discs from files or folder found anywhere on your network or local system.
  • Dedicated Prestage partition to allow prestaging of images while other jobs are running
  • CD-DA authoring from WAV or MP3.
    Capable of ISRC, UPC Code, and sub-index editing with frame accurate recording.
  • DVD-Video discs may be made directly from title sets (VIDEO_TS folder), or a valid UDF DVD image file, with no need for a physical master.
  • Job Logging
    All jobs are logged including all pertinent job information such as date, time, quantity, user, image, label, start time, completion time, and more. Includes log viewer. Log database is also accessible via ODBC or DAO..
  • Optional License Free client software
    Share the system and submit jobs for CD DVD publishing from anywhere on your network
  • Email notification system
  • Lifetime free software updates available
    Update software and firmware automatically from the web.
Printing & Printing Software Related Features:
  • Inter-changeable printers include Inkjet, Thermal and Dye-Sub - Switch in and out - Choose your system based on your print needs and budget .
  • Built in label editor allows the user to
    • Create text and change attributes
    • Import graphics
    • Reposition and delete text, graphics and dates
    • Print from .LBL or .PDF files
Network Features:
  • Optional Free unlimited seat Network Client
    Simple one step install client software allows access for any number of users on the same network
  • Internet Client
    Our Optional free Scribe Client software may be used to submit jobs only in secure corporate or government networks with VPN, therefore providing the highest level of security. We do not offer a browser based client which is a known network security risk relying on open network ports, and more suited for commercial retail type applications.
  • Image Pre Stage
    Queued Images are staged locally so queued jobs start instantly - no waiting for network transfers
  • Built in 1GB/s LAN
    Fast and reliable network accessibility
  • Remote desktop support
    Our support team can get access right to your desktop for fast and efficient support of your CD DVD publisher

Robotics Operation:

  • Hi-speed 24/7 operation:
    Able to perform constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of overheating with quick reliable robotic operation.
  • Friendly Interface:
    All job functions and system alerts operate in an easy to use and similar user interface for convenience and ease of use
  • Proven Technology
    In business over 30 years and designed and manufactured in the USA our DVD CD publishers are renowned for their stability, performance and reliability.