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Media MASSTER 102 PRO - IT



Media  MASSTER 102 PRO – IT

Our Price: $2,695.75

Product Code: FGR-0160-220


Media MASSter 102 PRO IT

Validated SATA Speeds over 20GB/min and PCIe M.2 Speeds over 65GB/min
The Media MASSter 102 PRO IT unit is an Economical, High Speed, SATA and USB 3.0 Handheld Data Acquisition Device, designed as a low cost solution without sacrificing performance and versatility. The Media MASSter 102 PRO IT unit offers a High-end Intel Processor and advanced High Speed 6Gb/s drive controller technology, providing higher performance for IT Data Acquisition Operations. The unit can acquire data from one Source to two Target drives at speeds over 20GB/min. Using the unit's 4 built-in USB 3.0 ports and 2 eSATA ports, additional SATA drives can be connected with optional adapters. In addition, the Media MASSter 102 PRO offers a unique 4-lane PCIe Expansion Port and optional M.2 Adapter Module, allowing it to acquire data from a PCIe M.2 storage device to another PCIe M.2 device at speeds exceeding 65 GB/min.

The MM102 PRO IT unit's key features includes cable-free source and target drive caddies, support for optional expandable modules such as SCSI, PCIe M.2, SAS and Firewire. Acquire Source drive's data as a "mirror" Acquisition or an Intelligent Acquisition which copies only allocated files, greatly reducing copy time while automatically scaling and formatting partitions. The MM102 PRO IT units are designed with a slide out system drive for easy removal. The units are also configured with a 1Gbit Ethernet port for Network Connectivity.

High-end Processing Power: The Media MASSter Solo-102 PRO IT units are supplied with a powerful INTEL CPU to handle today's most demanding Forensic Acquisition and Analysis tasks.
Advanced SATA-3 Technology: Implements support for 6Gb/s SATA-3 drives using 6Gb/s SATA-3 SATA Controller technology. The unit is designed to acquire today's High Performance drives and prepares the user with the hardware necessary to take advantage of tomorrow's hard drive speed improvements. The unit's advanced Duplication Technology provides the capability of performing multiple operations simultaneously. Capture and Wipe drives with speeds exceeding 20GB/min with a potential of 32GB/min.
Cable-Free Source and target drive Caddies.
Removable Internal drive - for easy access to secure locations.
HDMI and Display port - for external monitor.
PCIe Expansion Port: - The unit's 4-lane PCIe Port expands the unit's capabilities to support M.2 storage devices using the M.2 Modular Adapters, SCSI drives using the optional SCSI Modular Adapter, and allowing for future performance enhancement options.
PCIe M.2 support: The unit's 4-lane PCIe Expansion Ports allows data acquisition from one or multiple PCIe M.2 storage device to others at speeds up to 70 GB/Min. The unit's M.2 Adapter Modules supports varying M.2 form factor lengths of 30, 42, 60, 80 and 110 mm and is designed for easy and safe insertion and release of M.2 storage devices. We currently provide adapters for 1, 2 and 4 PCIe M.2 modules.
Hard Drive Support: Offers native support for SATA (3), eSATA (2) and USB 3.0 (4) drives. Optional adapters are available to support M.2, SAS, IDE, Micro SATA Drives including 2.5" and 1.8" IDE Notebook Drives and Flash media.
1 GB Ethernet ports (2) - for network acquisition and image management.
Remote Access - remote monitoring and control of multiple units.
Multiple "Suspect" and Evidence Drive interface Ports: Provides 3 dedicated SATA and 3 dedicated USB 3.0 ports for Suspect and Evidence drives. Mixed Drive Interface support allows seizing data between different drive interface types. All "Suspect" Drive ports are permanently write-protected to prevent altering "Suspect" Drive Data. The Write-Protect properties of the Suspect ports cannot be disabled.

Multiple Operational Modes:

"Intelligent Copy" copies only allocated files, greatly reducing copy time and automatically scales and formats partitions.
"Percent of Disk" copies all sectors in a "mirror" format including unused sectors and is O/S independent.
MultiMASSter-% allows archiving multiple Source drive loads onto 1 Target drive, using a segmented file format.
VHD Capture allows archiving multiple Source drive loads onto 1 Target drive, using the VHD file format.
Multiple Hash Verification Methods: The Media MASSter 102 PRO IT supports SHA-1 and SHA-2 Hash Acceleration and Software based MD5 Hashing.
External Storage: Images can be stored externally to a Shared Network folder, e-SATA drive, USB drive or an ICS DFSS External Storage Module.
"On the fly" Drive Image Encryption*: Utilizing the built- in AES 256 Encryption Technology the Media MASSter 102 PRO IT encrypts with minimal speed degradation all digital data during the Cloning Process for the purpose of safe guarding sensitive information.
ICS Digital IT Storage Solutions (DFSS): The Media MASSter 102 IT PRO supports the use of the Optional ICS DFSS Modules to provide additional Storage capacity.
LinkMASSter Option: The LinkMASSter Option allows the IT Investigator to acquire data from unopened computers using the Ethernet interface.
Preview Source Data: Preview Source Drive's data utilizing third party applications or using the unit's built-in O/S utilities. The unit's preview capability allows previewing Word, Excel, PDF, text or multimedia (pictures, video and audio) files prior to acquiring data.
Logs and Auditing: Store and print detail operational Event Log and Audit Trail information. The Audit Trail is saved in a PDF format using 128-bit password encryption protection.
Convenient and Easy Upgrades: Easily updates Software through the USB port. Free Software Updates are provided periodically.
High Resolution 7" Full Color Touch screen: Built-in touch screen eliminates the need of connecting an external monitor, mouse or keyboard.