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CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Media
CD Media
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DVD Media
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Blu-Ray Media
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Archival Grade Media
Duplication Hardware and Printers
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Manual Load Systems
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Robotic Systems
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CD and DVD Printers
Inks and Ribbons
All Pro Solutions
MF Digital
Disc and USB Packaging
USB Packaging
Disc Packaging
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CD & DVD Duplication Services
Upload files for custom duplication
Mass Replication
Duplication for Fast Turnaround and Small Orders
CD and DVD Information
Archive Grade Media by JVC
How is a CD made?
DVD General Information
The Use of Multimedia in Modern Marketing
USB Duplicators/FLASH/SD Systems
  > EZDupe
  > Microboards
  > Nexcopy
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  > U-Reach
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USB Media
USB Duplication Hardware
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  > SD Duplicators
SD card & USB Drive Duplication with laser printing
Buy the hardware yourself
  > NexCopyUSB
Upload files for custom duplication
Laser etching and engraving
USB Weblink device
Hard Drive Duplication & Erasing
Video Books
Pro Audio Equipment
Label Printers and Supplies
Miscellaneous Items
Anti-Piracy Form - IPR Intellectual Property Rights (Required for All Production Orders)
Credit Application to Apply for Terms (Allow Two Weeks)
Credit Card Authorization Form
Duplication Order Form
DVD Encoding Order Form
Master Data Integrity Waiver Form
DVD Master Input Specifications
Legal Liability Form (Required for All Production Orders)
Mass Replication Order Form
Silk Screen Recordable Media Order Form
CD Solutions wins Federal court domain name dispute
Conflict Mineral Policy
Specifications & Templates
Digital Printing
Silk Screen Printing
Offset Printing
Inkjet Printing
CD Booklet Specifications
Jewel Case Tray Card Specifications
Repair Information
Maintenance and Repairs
Training Videos
Nexcopy 20 Drive USB Copier Demo Video
R-Quest Quick Start Video
R-Quest Printer Alignment Video
R-Quest Robotic Movement
Link to Primera Tutorials and Videos
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