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SD cards and USB drives
USB Media
SD Cards and MicroSD cards
USB Duplicators /FLASH/SD Systems
  > EZDupe
  > Microboards
  > Nexcopy
  > U-Reach
  > Vinpower
USB Duplication Hardware
  > USB Duplicators
  > SD Duplicators
SD card and USB Duplication Services
Buy the hardware yourself
Upload files for custom duplication

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Media
CD Media
  > Inkjet Printable CD
  > Silver Lacquer CD
  > Thermal Printable CD
  > Everest or Teac Printable CD
DVD Media
  > Inkjet Printable DVD
  > Silver Lacquer DVD
  > Thermal Printable DVD
  > Everest or Teac Printable DVD
Blu-Ray Media
  > Inkjet Printable Blu-Ray
  > Silver Lacquer Blu-Ray
  > Thermal Printable Blu-Ray
  > Everest or Teac Printable Blu-Ray
Archival Grade Media
Duplication Hardware and Printers
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  > Epson
  > EZDupe
  > MF Digital
  > Microboards
  > Primera
  > U-Reach
  > Vinpower Digital
  > NexCopyUSB
Manual Load Systems
  > 1-3 Drive Units
  > 4 or More Drive Units
Robotic Systems
  > Up to 300 Disc Capacity
  > More Than 300 Disc Capacity
CD and DVD Printers
Inks and Ribbons
All Pro Solutions
MF Digital
Disc and USB Packaging
USB Packaging
Disc Packaging
  > Mailers
  > Other Packaging
CD & DVD Duplication Services
Upload files for custom duplication
Mass Replication
Duplication for Fast Turnaround and Small Orders
CD and DVD Information
Archive Grade Media by JVC
How is a CD made?
DVD General Information
The Use of Multimedia in Modern Marketing
Laser etching and engraving
USB Weblink device
Hard Drive Duplication & Erasing
Video Books
Pro Audio Equipment
Label Printers and Supplies
Miscellaneous Items
  > Anti-Piracy Form - IPR Intellectual Property Rights (Required for All Production Orders)
  > Credit Application to Apply for Terms (Allow Two Weeks)
  > Credit Card Authorization Form
  > Duplication Order Form
  > DVD Encoding Order Form
  > Master Data Integrity Waiver Form
  > DVD Master Input Specifications
  > Legal Liability Form (Required for All Production Orders)
  > Mass Replication Order Form
  > Silk Screen Recordable Media Order Form
  > CD Solutions wins Federal court domain name dispute
  > Conflict Mineral Policy
Specifications & Templates
  > Digital Printing
  > Silk Screen Printing
  > Offset Printing
  > Inkjet Printing
  > CD Booklet Specifications
  > Jewel Case Tray Card Specifications
Repair Information
  > Maintenance and Repairs
Training Videos
  > Nexcopy 20 Drive USB Copier Demo Video
  > R-Quest Quick Start Video
  > R-Quest Printer Alignment Video
  > R-Quest Robotic Movement
  > Link to Primera Tutorials and Videos
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