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Learn how a USB Webkey can add value to your contact information and drive prospects to your website using specific URLs for detailed tracking and placement of prospects.

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Since you're on this page, you probably just used one of our ebusiness card webkeys after you visited the Photo Blast 2015 show in Lewis Center. You can see how these keys take you directly to a page on the website. This is MUCH more effective than just sending a customer to your site as it allows you to take them directly to the page you want them to see.

Flyer from Photo Blast 2015

As a Photographer, you know your business is a visual business. You simply can't show off your best work on a business card. You need pictures! You need people to see what you can do. This is the perfect way to let people see what you're about without carrying around a heavy portfolio which you can't leave with them anyway.

Talk to us about ways we can help you promote your business and give your business that visual impact that's so important to making your business successful. Call us today at 800-860-2376. Summer or Jim would be happy to talk to you about the best way to use this technology to bring your professional photography up to date.

We can also combine printed pieces into the your digital promotion.

One of the hot new products CD Solutions offers is a USB web key.
Sample webkey images

The keys look like a USB drive but when they're inserted into a computer they simply take the user to a predetermined web page, no matter how deeply the page is buried in your website. They have no usable memory in them however you can order a hybrid with both memory and the weblink built in.

Because they take the user directly to your website the information on that page can always be kept current. No more outdated PDF files or information. Drive the prospect directly to your website where you have the best chance of turning a prospect into a customer.

You can use them in direct mail promotions taking prospects to exactly the items you want to show them .

How about a business card that takes someone directly to YOUR personal page on YOUR website? Or perhaps you like a full sized feel such as an eCredit Card instead.
Business card webkey
You can use this to tell them about yourself, or to offer them special promotions , or just to take them to your company's general website. It's all up to you but one thing is for certain, the person you give this card to probably can't help themselves but put it into their computer and see what happens.

Click here for more information on one of the hot new products CD Solutions offers is a USB webkey.
which are nearly guaranteed to get your prospect's attention.