Firmware / TrueNet Release update notes version 4.99.02 and TrueNet version 2.4.0

Please read this list of features and changes BEFORE you upgrade your unit. We suggest you visit the R-Quest site for the most recent updates. R-Quest is no longer releasing new updates.
We have just released new versions of the Firmware (v4.99.02) and TrueNet v2.4.0.

There are several changes that may make a big difference to some customers. All changes are to improve system reliability, and enhance job flow control.

1) Improved network access speed for TrueNet running on both Windows and Mac OSX
2) Splash screen lets the user know that TrueNet is running but still initializing the network devices.
3) Improved large hard disk support in the system ( > 200Gb)
4) More robust handling of the hard disk images and network jobs - including the following changes:
a) Asynchronous Jobs option removed - jobs must complete before the next job is started
b) Image transfer is no longer allowed while a job is running - the loader LCD will display "Transferring Image" while image transfer is taking place.
c) Image Rename & Delete are no longer allowed while a job is running
5) Added ability to stop network jobs running in synchronous mode
6) Improved ability to stop jobs in synchronous mode via the keypad (you can now abort a job while the loader is loading/unloading drives)
7) Added option to reset all drive logs at the same time.
8) Ability to change job priority - by increasing or decreasing the priority within the job queue.
9) Ability to make a job the top priority in a single step (note this will not automatically pause/stop a running job)
10) Ability to restart a paused/stopped job where it left off
11) Ability to reset and restart a job that is stopped AND jobs that have already completed. So any job in a DONE state can be re-run with a simple click on the tool bar.
12) FlashJet 4800 Ink Levels are now displayed as part of the job status, Create Job dialog title bar and also in the 'Test' dialog within network setup.
13) Fast Start (see below)
14) Additional Tools menu created

Fast Start is an option added to the Duplication Options menu on the autoloader. If this is set to NO then there is no difference from previous versions. If this is set to YES the a new 'Fast Start' option is also enabled in the Create job dialog on TrueNet. This allows the autoloader to immediately start loading discs in to the
recorders and start recording as the image is transferred over the network. The result is the first discs are done much faster. For customer having problems with this feature (probably due to network issues), they should disable the feature on the autoloader.

Customers should upgrade both firmware and TrueNet software in order to gain the benefit of these changes. New TrueNet v2.4.0 features may not operate reliably with firmware older than v4.99.02, and such configurations are not supported by R-Quest. All customers running TrueNet v2.4.0 should be running at least v4.99.02 on all autoloaders.
To download these updates please click on the "Visit our FTP site" button in the top right corner menu then log onto the pub/