Place Duplication Order for Fast Turnaround
CD and DVD Duplication for Fast Turnaround or small quantity.

Follow these instructions to place your duplication order with us and get it processed quickly! We can handle all your duplication needs here at CD Solutions! We have state of the art robotic duplicators and thermal inkjet printers that can handle large orders, and normally with same day turnaround!
This page applies to duplication and not replication. Duplication is where we start with a blank disc and use a laser to record your information onto that blank. Replication is a plastic injection process where we make a mold, put plastic in it, and when it hardens it already has your data (see the "How is a disc made?" page on the main menu).
So just follow the steps below, and we can get your project finished and back into your hands quickly and professionally!
  1. Call our sales staff for a price and turnaround quote on your project at 1-800-860-2376.
  2. Fill out the One Off Order Form and print it out.
  3. Fill out the Legal Form, and Anti-piracy form, and print them out.
  4. Send us your source data, the artwork for the printed label (as a 600 dpi TIF) and signed copies of the three above forms to:

    CD Solutions, Inc.
    Attn: CD Duplication Project Dept.
    100 W. Monument St.
    P O Box 536
    Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359
  5. Our duplication staff will call you as soon as we get the source data to discuss any particulars of the job!

We'll send the completed project back to you as soon as it comes off the burners and printers! It's that easy!

*Mechanical Royalties Policy

This information is about requirement under the IRMA anti-piracy program, that is being implemented by CD Solutions, Inc. effective October 1, 2002.

This requirement is in reference to protecting the "mechanical royalties" of the music publisher for an audio recording. If anyone sings a song written by someone else and that song is copyrighted, then royalties must be paid to the owner of the song. (Previously, IRMA requirements only protected the original artist's recording.) These royalties can be easily paid by visiting either or You can pay the royalties online and receive a document that shows they are clear to have "X" number of copies replicated of that particular song. As of October 1, 2002 we will need this documentation for each track of the master that has copyrighted songs, even if they are not recorded by the original performer.

We at CD Solutions know this can get confusing, so we have attached a PDF document to this page entitled: "Intellectual Property Licensing for Media Replication". This document does a good job of explaining not only mechanical royalties but also other types of licenses that should serve to make things clearer for you. (Please feel free to distribute it throughout your organization.)

In this day and age where lawsuits abound, we need to be very careful. We understand that these IRMA requirements are a task you may not want to deal with and believe us, CD Solutions is not trying to make it hard to business with us......we are trying to make it safe to do business with us! Any company not taking these precautions are dealing with a major contingent liability that can also involve you.

Thank you, as always, for your understanding and support! Call us with any questions you may have. (Or any gripes for that matter!)

CD Solutions Support and Sales Staff