Mass Replicated Compact Disc Offset Printing Labeling Specifications

The OFFSET PRINT label is the information which is printed directly onto the CD-ROM label using an offset press. The quality of offset printing is much better than silk-screening, especially when using four colors or working with photographic type images.

All film for offset orders must include a film produced color proof. Examples: Chromalin, Iris, Composite Match Proof, etc. Laser printed artwork is NOT acceptable.
If film is sent electronically, a hard copy must be included such as laser print, color proof, etc.

Film NEGATIVE, EMULSION SIDE DOWN should be done specifically for Lithographic (offset) printing. A film positive matching the separation diameters, 0.5 pt choke, should be included for a solid white background. For clear color definition, a solid white background is highly recommended. Film should be made from original art, not photocopies, and should be free from scratches or defects.
Maximum printed area without solid white background is 47mm DIA to 116mm DIA. (Prints from the outer edge of the mirror band to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc.)
Maximum printed area with solid white background is 37mm DIA to 116mm DIA. (Prints from outside of the knock out ring to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc.)
Maximum printed area with solid white background and knock out ring or groove is 18mm DIA to 116mm DIA. (Prints from slightly outside the center hole edge of the disc to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc.)
Knock out ring or groove is required between 32.5mm DIA to 37mm DIA. You can not print in this area.

Color separations should use circular dots, with a minimum dot density of 150 lpi and a maximum of 175 lpi. Separations should be angled using one of the following combinations:

Comb.#1 Yellow 90 degrees, Cyan 15 degrees, Magenta 45, Black 75
Comb.#2 Yellow 30 degrees, Cyan 75 degrees, Magenta 45 degrees, Black 15 degrees
Comb.#3 Yellow 30 degrees, Cyan 15 degrees, Magenta 45 degrees, Black75 degrees
Negatives are required of separations and a film positive for the background (base) print.

Sans Serif type face recommended for all minimum font sizes. Minimum line width is 0.5 pt for lines of type and a minimum letter size of 4 pt bold. Avoid small letters or line knockout. The minimum letter in knockout form should be 6 pt bold and a line width in knockout form should be 0.75 pt.

Registration marks must be in FOUR places, 1" to 1-1/2" from the outer edge of the CD. The line width must be .25 pt maximum and 21mm long. Please indicate "top" or "this way up" on each film. See diagram for printing area dimensions and location of registration marks. Film not meeting specifications will be returned to the customer or a charge for adjustments will be applied. (Specifications include registration marks.)

Due to the demand for fine detail, constant communication with your service representative is suggested. Generally, offset printing will add two days to your turnaround time and you should plan your order accordingly.

CD Solutions has the ability to align only FOUR colors. A fifth color may only be applied as a solid base or a base with knockout.

If a background print is preferred, please send your matching base film. Due to labels varying in area coverage, CDS will make no attempt to match separations with a base film.

Printing will be done using 4-color process separations only in the following order: BLACK, CYAN, MAGENTA, and YELLOW.

The same films cannot be used for offset and screen printing.

Solids of Process colors should be separated at a maximum of 98% (instead of 100%).

Large areas of solid black should be separated at: Black 98%, Cyan 30%, Magenta 30%, and yellow 30%

Please contact your service representative for any clarifications and/or additional information.