Mass Replicated Compact Disc Silkscreen Labeling Specifications

The silkscreen label is the information which is silk-screened directly onto the CD-ROM label. Two color labels are included in our standard price list but you can have more colors for an additional fee. If looking for four colors or more, we strongly suggest you consider offset printing instead of silkscreen. The quality is much better. You may also consider newer inkjet technologies which we also offer. We also offer highly water resistant disc printing.


You must provide Match Proof for all orders.
Color separated (one film per color) with specified ink color clearly marked on each piece of film.
Artwork should exhibit sharp resolution and should be free from scratches.
Maximum printed area without solid background is 27mm DIA to 116mm DIA (Prints from the outer edge of the knock out ring to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc).
Maximum printed area with solid background is 27mm DIA to 116mm DIA (Prints from the outside of the knock out ring to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc).
Maximum printed area with solid background and knock our ring or groove is 18mm DIA to 116 DIA. (Prints from slightly outside the center hold edge of the disc to slightly inside the outer edge of the disc.
Choke/Spread of 0.5 pt. to be applied whenever conditions permit. Example: Solid white base below 4-color process print.
Recommended line screen is 85 lpi with a maximum of 120 lpi.

Sans Serif type face recommended for all minimum font sizes.
Minimum line width is .5 pt.
Minimum letter size is 4 pt. bold.
Minimum line width in knockout form is 0.75 pt.
Minimum letter size in knockout form is 6 pt. bold.
Minimum Font size reversed out of halftone print without a base is 7 pt. bold

Registration marks should be on each piece of film, in 4 places, 90 degrees apart on the diameter. Each of the four registration marks crosshair intersections should be 1" to 1-1/2" from the outer edge of the disc. To assure proper film orientation, each crosshair pointing toward the center of the disc should be 21mm long. The line width of the registration mark is to be 0.25 pt. maximum. Please indicate "top" on each piece of film.

Ink colors, coated only (CV), from the Pantone Matching System Book are available (uncoated colors are not available).
Colors printed on discs may vary from paper printing colors. Please allow for (+ or -) 1/2 shade deviation tolerances.
Colors may not reproduce accurately when they are over printed.
If printing inside 47mm DIA, color may vary due to mirror band and/or clear inner hub.
A solid white base is recommended below a 4-color process print.

All film for process orders must include a film produced color proof. Examples: Chromalin, Iris, Composite Match Proof, etc. Laser printed artwork proofs are NOT acceptable.

Printing a halftone without a white base will alter the ink color.

Color separations should be done specifically for Screen Printing using ELLIPTICAL dots. Lithographic separations are not acceptable.

The separations must be angled to reduce moiré. A variety of angles can be used successfully, but the colors should be angled in the following order:
YELLOW - 7 degrees 90 degrees
MAGENTA - 52 degrees 45 degrees
CYAN - 22 degrees 15 degrees
BLACK - 82 degrees 75 degrees
Separation tonal ranges should be adjusted to be no less than 15% and no greater than 85%

CD-ROM Label Specs

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