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CD Solutions is a full-service CD, DVD, USB, and SD Card company specializing in duplication and printing hardware as well as affordable, custom duplication and replication services. We are a real company with a real office and warehouse staffed by duplication professionals -- not just a website from someone's living room. CD Solutions brings you all of our expertise with CD, DVD and Blu-Ray printers, publishers and duplication equipment as well as duplication and replication services in a convenient online store. Our 25-plus years of service shows our commitment to this business. We don't just get you the right CD/DVD/Blu-Ray printers and duplication equipment; we make sure that your duplication experience is enjoyable and productive.

M-DISC Archival Startup Kit with External Writer and Media M-DISC Archival Startup Kit with External Writer and Media

CDS-DVDR-ARCH-SU The bundled archival media kit is the perfect solution for any size business or even individuals looking for long-term storage of important digital files. The bundled kit includes a modified external writer drive, connectable to a computer via a USB connection, as well as a 10-pack of M-DISC archival media.

Our Price: $118.00
Xopax PX12 Overwrapper Xopax PX12 Overwrapper

PX12-120 The Xopax PX12 Overwrapper wraps multiple types of optical media packaging with a tight folded corner using standard polyfilm. It offers a very inexpensive cost per wrap for CD jewel boxes with an average cost of only a penny per wrap. The Xopax PX12 Overwrapper is fully compatible for the wrapping of CD jewel boxes, DVD cases, Blu-ray cases, slimlines or even multi-disc cases.

Our Price: $1,095.00
PlexDisc Water Resistant Inkjet BD-R, 600 per Box PlexDisc Water Resistant Inkjet BD-R, 600 per Box

CDS-BDR6X-LDP-WIHP Liquid Defense Plus is a special water and scratch resistant inkjet printable coating applied to a whole range of recordable CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs. It works on all known optical disc inkjet printers and gives the printed disc a very vibrant color with a high gloss finish. The Liquid Defense Plus disc is water resistant, scratch resistant and resists fading, whereas regular inkjet printable discs will bleed or smear when wet, easy to scratch and has a muted matte finish when printed.

List Price: $864.00
Our Price: $540.00
You save $324.00!
Spartan 63-Target MicroSD Duplicator Spartan 63-Target MicroSD Duplicator

TF63-SSP Spartan's Micro SD duplicator features a user friendly 4-key control panel with LCD, high speed duplication and bit-by-bit compare function to confirm successful copies. Only carefully selected and tested materials are employed in Spartan's professional lineup of Micro SD series duplication systems.

List Price: $6,439.00
Our Price: $5,149.00 CALL for our lowest price!
You save $1,290.00!
Image MASSter Solo-102 Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator Image MASSter Solo-102 Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator

FGR-0059-000A  The Image MASSter Solo-102 Forensic is a compact, economical, high speed, one-to-two SATA/IDE, USB 3.0 Drive Acquisition Device designed as a low cost solution without sacrificing performance and versatility. Keeping up with the latest technology it includes 2 ports for new USB 3.0 interfaces with an average transfer speed of 4.7GB/min. User can make dual copies of a single Suspect drive. Additional features include 1Gigabit Ethernet port to upload images, drive encryption, source drive preview, cell phone imaging capability and more.

Our Price: $2,100.00
Epson Discproducer PP-100II Epson Discproducer PP-100II with Six Color Printing and Two Recorders

PP-100II The Epson Discproducer is a professional, high-performance and affordable CD/DVD duplicator with six color printing and two CD/DVD recorders. This is one of the newest systems to enter the disc publishing field. It incorporates Epson's quality robotics and well known ink matching.

List Price: $4,159.00
Our Price: $3,207.00
You save $952.00!
R-Quest TCP-7550 Blu-ray Publisher with PowerPro 3 Thermal Printer R-Quest TCP-7550 Blu-ray Publisher with PowerPro 3 Thermal Printer

TCP-7550BD-PP3 R-Quest TCP-7550 Blu-ray Publisher with PowerPro 3 Thermal Printer, 550-Disc Capacity

List Price: $12,995.00
Our Price: $9,995.00
U-Reach IT-700H High-Speed Hard Drive Duplicator, 7-Targets U-Reach IT-700H High-Speed Hard Drive Duplicator, 7-Targets

IT-700H The IT series professional SATA Hard Disk Drive duplicator is specially designed for high-volume duplication. Adopted with U-Reach's unique multi-tasking technology, the IT series Hard Drive duplicator can simultaneously copy 7 HDD targets and with high transfer speed up to 18GB per minutes based on real test. We guarantee highest productivity without speed degradation even when the number of targets increases.

List Price: $3,255.00
Our Price: $3,230.00
You save $25.00!
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