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Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 IT Basic

Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 IT Basic


Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 IT Basic

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The Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 IT Basic SATA-3 6Gb/s hard drive data duplication unit configured with the i3 Processor, offers IT Professionals the ability to Copy Drives at SATA-3 speeds from two Source drives simultaneously. It can also Acquire Data from 1 Source drive to up to 3 Destination drives. The unit features built-in native support for SAS, SATA, eSATA, and USB 3.0 drives. It also supports IDE, as well as a variety of Flash Media. Designed exclusively for IT applications, the Image MASSter Solo-IV G3 system is a versatile lightweight, portable, high speed data duplication device. Source drives data can be copied at speeds exceeding 6GB per minute. The unit offers multiple Copy Formats such as IQCopy which is an Intelligent Copy method that copies only allocated data and creates, scales and formats Destination partitions. The available Copy Formats include VHD Capture, which allows storing multiple images in a single Destination drive or Shared Network Folder. The units advanced Touch Screen user interface provides ease of use. This IT Data Acquisition unit also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving data. The unit allows installation of 3rd Party applications.
  • Extreme Speed: Optimized for todays High Speed Drives, the Solo-4 IT SATA-3 6Gb/s Duplicates and Sanitizes drives at speeds exceeding 7GB/min. The units design takes advantage of current drive technology and also prepares the user for future advances in drive speeds.
  • One Write Protected Source Port: For the protection of the users original images, the unit provides one standard write protected native SATA/SAS Source port and one standard write protected native USB 2.0 Source port for the duplication of up to three Target drives. Optional Adapters allow imaging of IDE drives, 1.8 ZIF, 2.5 Laptop drives, and Flash Media such as Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media card, etc.
  • Multiple Target Ports: Provides three native SATA/SAS Target ports and three native USB 2.0 Target ports to allow the user to make up to three copies of a single drive. One of the Target ports can be configured by user as an optional write protected Source port to allow the single copying of 2 different Source drives simultaneously. Optional Adapters will allow imaging to other drive devices including external RAID units.
  • Multiple Operational Modes:
    • Single Source Copy Mode allows Duplicating from one Source drive to up to three Target drives.
    • Multi Source Copy Mode allows Duplicating from two Source drives to two individual Target drives.
    • Multi Operational Mode allows performing different operations simultaneously, such as duplicating some drives while sanitizing other drives; all without any speed degradation.
    • Multi MASSter Mode allows the duplication of up to three different Target hard drives from images stored on a single Source drive. For the users convenience, this mode allows for multiple images to be stored on a singe Source drive.
    Windows Operating System: The IMSolo-4 IT SATA-3 6Gb/s runs on the Windows Operating System, providing flexibility and device compatibility support. Unit can be customized for Multi-Language support. Unit can be customized to individuals needs upon request. Compatible with a wide range of PC peripherals.
    Multiple Imaging Formats: The unit provides multiple Duplication Formats:
    • IQCopy which copies only allocated files, greatly reducing copy time and automatically scales and formats partitions.
    • Percent of Disk copies all sectors including unused sectors and supports any Operating System.
    • Multi MASSter allows for the duplication of stored images of hard drives.

    Drive Wiping: Supports Single Pass or Multi-Pass Wiping using the DoD Standard to permanently erase all data from hard drives.

  • On the fly Drive Image Encryption*: Utilizing the built-in AES 256 Encryption Technology the Image MASSter Solo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s encrypts with minimal speed degradation all digital data during the Acquisition Process for the purpose of safe guarding sensitive information. The Image MASSter Solo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s creates a secure key with a user-chosen pass phrase. An AES 256 encryption key is then generated by the Image MASSter Solo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s and can be saved to any USB thumb drive. The encrypted drive can be decrypted on the fly utilizing the Image MASSter Solo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s or any regular PC loaded with the ICS free decryption utility and the USB thumb drive containing the saved key. User can then safely image the decrypted data to an additional target drive. The IMSolo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s supports the AES 256-bit block cipher Encryption Standard, which has been approved by NIST and chosen in the US as the government standard. The IMSolo-4 SATA-3 6Gb/s AES Encryption Algorithm is hardware based and is embedded and implemented directly through the unit's VIA Nano Processor. VIA Technologies, VIA Nano Processor has been validated as correctly implementing the AES algorithm as indicated in the attached NIST report titled, "The Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation List." See Validation # 1229.

    * This process is NOT compatible with the DiskCypher product line

  • Upload and Download Images to Network Storage Area: Images files can be uploaded and downloaded to a Network Storage Area. This will allow the user to take advantage of large storage platforms (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images.

  • Preview Data: Preview active files on the Source drive utilizing Windows file viewing capabilities in a write protected environment.
  • USB Card Reader Support: Optional 3rd Party USB Card Reader Support allows use of Flash Media such as Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media card, etc.
  • Write-Protection: By default, the Source port is permanently write-protected. Optionally, any Target port can be write-protected when used as a Source port in Multi Source Copy Mode to avoid any accidental overwrites to the original hard drive.
  • Hashing and Data Verification: Provides Read Back Verification and Hashing using MD5 or SHA algorithms for data integrity verification

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