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EZ Dupe Hard Drive / SSD Duplicator- 3 target

EZ Dupe Hard Drive / SSD Duplicator 3 target


EZ Dupe Hard Drive / SSD Duplicator- 3 target

Our Price: $849.00

Product Code: DM-HS0-5H03TC

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EZ Dupe proudly presents Pantera series to the newest line to our Hard Drive Disk (HDD) Duplication family.

With 150mb per second copy speed, 4 different types of Copy Modes and 4 Different Erase Modes, Pantera Hard Drive Duplicator series sets a new standard in HDD duplication for 2.5" & 3.5" SATA Hard Drives!

The newest features of Pantera series duplication units include an upgraded professional functions such as two new copy modes: Partitioned area copy, which allows you to copy partitioned area of the hard drive disk. Percentage copy, which allows users to set starting point of the copy and the end point.

Other exciting additions include an extra DoD compliant erase mode. The original 3-pass DoD erase mode which satisfy 5220.22-M data security standard of Department of Justice. Now comes the 7-pass erase function which comply with 5220.22-M ECE data security standard.

EZ Dupe's HD Pantera Hard Drive Duplicator / Sanitizer with duplication speeds up to 150MB/s. It will produce an exact copy of HDD/ SSD drives, including partition and boot sector data.

As always, the duplicator is tray-less as you can simply insert the Hard Drive on the appropriate portion on each slot. There is a separate connection in the same slot for 3.5" Hard Drive and a slot for 2.5" Hard Drive (SSD can be inserted on 2.5" portion).

These hard drive duplicators are superb problem solvers for business, education & government where duplicating / erasing existing hard drive data needs to be accomplished in minimal time with the highest reliability.

EZDupe Hard Drive duplicator offered by CD Solutions. www.cds.com
  • * Easy-to-use One-Touch copy operation
  • * Up to 3 Hard Drives Copy at speed up to 150 MB/s per slot (max speed depends on the Hard Drive)
  • * Tray-less Slot: Supports both 3.5"/2.5" Hard Drive Disk and Solid State Drive without an adapter
  • * Two New Copy Functions: All Partitioned Copy & Percentage (set a start & end point copy)
  • * Intelligent Copy mode to copy System and Files only, There is no need to copy the entire HDD/ SSD and allow you to do more in less time!
  • * Full Copy mode to copy the HDD/ SSD bit by bit(sector by sector)
  • * DoD 5220.22-M compliant erase function permanently deletes sensitive data as an eraser
  • * Allows measuring the actual Read and Write speed of the target hard drives
  • * Capacity Check to verify the HDD / SSD capacity.
  • * Standalone system; no computer required
  • * Support all file formats, file size and drive capacity
  • * Support MBR & GPT partitioning schemes and copy device capacity more than 2TB (unlimited) as well as a single file larger than 4GB. The advanced format (4K) is also supported.
  • * Allows to set up a password for system boot-up to prevent unauthorized use.
  • * Firmware upgradeable.
  • * 1 Year warranty for parts and labor.
  • * Free lifetime technical support with toll-free phone number provided.